ATC Champions League

Developing Champions

This is a fun league designed to promote fitness and friendship among its members.It also exists to foster the development of the "champion's mindset" required for success on the tennis court and in everyday life.

League Format
There are six boxes, each comprising four players. A round robin event will occur between the players in each box. Each player is expected to play three matches within the space of four weeks. 


The matches will consist of one regular set, comprising six games with "No-Ad" scoring. At deuce, a deciding point is played with the receiver choosing the side on which to face the serve.  If the score is tied at 6-games all, a seven point tiebreak will be played. The normal rules that govern adult tennis shall apply to all matches.

It is expected that the total time for the warm up and the match will not exceed 60 minutes. In the event that the match is not completed within an hour, the player who is ahead on games won at the expiration of the hour will be deemed the winner. If the score is tied after an hour, the match will be deemed a draw.

Player Movement

At the end of each month the bottom two players in each box will move to the box immediately lower while the top two players in that box will move to the one immediately above. For example, the two lowest placed players in Box A will move to Box B while the top two players in Box B will move to Box A.

Unplayed Matches 

Each month, players need to have completed their matches by the deadline specified by the league coordinator. 

Any players who have not completed their matches by the deadline will receive a penalty point. A player who accumulates two penalty points in a three month period will be ineligible to participate in the league for a month.

If a match time has been scheduled between two players and one player is unable to show up for the match, for any reason, that player would be deemed to have forfeited the match. The other player will be awarded a score of 6-0.


If a player is unable to participate in the league for a month, for any reason, a substitute would be invited to fill the space in the player's current box for the month. 

A substitute cannot earn promotion for the player being replaced. The substitute‚Äôs performance in league matches may allow the original player to remain in the same box, upon returning to the league, or cause the original player to drop to a lower box.

Any regular player that is unavailable to play for more than three consecutive months will be moved to the subs list. The vacant regular spot will be offered to someone on the sub list.

In a box with one sub, if the sub finishes in a position that would normally be associated with a promotion(1st or 2nd) only one player from that box will earn promotion.

Consequently,only one player would move down from the box above.

For example, a sub who wins Box B will remain in the box and the second placed player will be promoted.  As only one player is moving up, the fourth placed player in Box A will move down to Box B and they will be joined by the top two players from Box C

If there are two subs in a box and both finish in positions that would normally be associated 
with promotion, no promotion will take place from that box but the players in the third and fourth positions will be relegated. 

Consequently,the top two players in the box below would move up two boxes. 

For example, if the two subs in Box D finish in first and second place, they will remain in the box and be joined by the lower two finishers from Box C. The top two players from Box E will move to Box C, as there would be no space for them in Box D.


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